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Music Awards 2003

Una gran "Noche Jarocha" en L.A.

Knitting Factory

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"... a stunning neo-traditionalist performance ... vocally rich harmonic delivery with an infectious dance-happy energy.... sterling sonic reflection and impeccable musicianship.... ¡Vámonos al jardín!"
- Chuy Varela, Latin Beat

"Of the eight types of traditional Mexican son, the son jarocho of Veracruz rocks the hardest.... Local aficionados Conjunto Jardín have taken this folkloric form and made it their own. Led by the sibling vocals and hard-charging jarana and requinto of Libby and Cindy Harding and the incredible keyboard-harp simulations of Gary Johnson, the group brings out the music's African roots and Caribbean connections on their first CD, Nuevo Son Jarocho (Trova)."
- Tom Cheyney, L.A. Weekly
"People would have been up and dancing, had there been any room.... With the audience on its feet (and how one could have remained seated with such powerful rhythms is beyond me), the group quickly returned for an encore ... before leaving a satisfied audience to file out into the cool night air."
- Jim Lee, Dirty Linen

"Conjunto Jardín has captured the essence of the son jarocho; it is impressive how they have replicated the core elements of traditional style without merely imitating or sounding wooden. Of particular note is the use of keyboard synthesizer to render the part of the diatonic harp (pristine, yet virtually indistinguishable from the original sound. The voices are attractive in sound and seamlessly interwoven in parallel harmonies. Cindy Harding's requinto playing is traditional, tasteful, and tightly in synch with the fast-moving rhythmic pulse. Conjunto JardÍn's music is both traditional and possessed of a fresh vision of potential cultural blendings of African-derived musical ingredients."
- Dan Sheehy, ethnomusicologist and arts administrator

"The sisters and their quintet make music that is infectious, lively, and uplifting...."
- Larry Kelp, East Bay Express
"Sin reñir a la tradición, este tratamiento posmoderno del centenario son jarocho merece quitarse el sombrero, echarlo al suelo y zapatear al ritmo del conjunto de las jaraneras hermanas Harding."
- Ricardo Camarena, La Opinión

"Without denying tradition, this postmodern treatment of the century-old son jarocho deserves taking off one's hat, throwing it to the ground and dancing to the rhythm of the group of jarana-playing Harding sisters..."
- Ricardo Camarena, La Opinión

"This is wonderful, sparkling, traditional music played with gusto, verve and joy." (Best albums of 1998)
- Chuck Taggart, KCSN "Down Home," Northridge, CA